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Stategic Account Management
Beyond the buzzword: What is it, why do it and how?

Today, business and sales conversations revolve around building the best client relationship possible and maximizing results. But acquiring new accounts is time consuming and expensive. That’s why it’s even more important that your business manage every existing client to their fullest potential.


Lots of businesses use customer relationship management software such as Microsoft Outlook,, ACT and the like as tools to manage their client databases. And we freely toss around buzzwords like “relationship,” “partnership” and “vendor management.”


Yet, without a true integrated account management strategy, your efforts are only a partial solution and too often can lose their effectiveness.


Strategic Account Management is that step in the strategy that converts these lofty goals, slick software and fancy buzzwords into practical actions. It’s about taking a strategic, holistic and long-term approach to each and every client relationship. As a result, you get a step closer to:


As an integral component of consultative selling, Strategic Account Management also:


This strategy works both ways.


Strategic Account Management isn’t just a one-sided initiative. When you implement this strategy, you make it possible for the client to reap many of the benefits your business does:


Get started with some easy steps.

Want to use Strategic Account Management in your business? Here are a few simple guidelines to get started:


The more you can automate this information in your company’s central system and make it user-friendly, the greater the value.


Build it smarter, not harder. Rahal Consulting can help you design a Strategic Account Management system for the way your business works. To find out more, contact Joe today.




This information presents a sampling of Rahal Consulting’s philosophy and approach toward sales and business development. With extensive and successful business experience accrued over numerous engagements across multiple industries, we are poised to help business leaders prepare for the future.


Rahal Consulting seeks to initiate a dialogue with business leaders and to objectively assist in the development and implementation of growth strategies and tactics.


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