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Territory Management – a valuable strategy
Make the most of what you already have and where you are:

Territory Management is about working smart and mastering the productive use of time and resources to increase profitable sales and to maximize opportunities within a designated scope. Territories can be defined in many ways — by geography, industry, market segment or other specific criteria, and are comprised of both existing accounts and prospects.


What is the significant value of territory management in your business? It’s the edge that it can provide in four key areas:

  1. Leveraging the asset of current clients
  2. Maximizing opportunity potential within the territory
  3. Time management
  4. Market knowledge and awareness


First, master these questions.


To optimize Territory Management, your company and your sales reps must know the answers to these questions:


Once you gather this information, you’ll have a wealth of knowledge to draw on for:


For your sales reps in particular, territory management provides guidelines to set a course of action and direction and to determine how much time, energy and resources you need to cover and manage the territory profitably.


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