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Overview to Sales Management:
Rahal Consulting’s 8 components of sales management

Too often, sales managers are put into their role without training, guidance or realistic expectations. Sure, you may have a job description, but seldom do you see a process or description of responsibilities associated with the position.

That’s a head-scratcher, to say the least. After all, the scope of this position is huge and success as a sales manager is based upon increasing the performance of your entire sales team. Leading and developing each individual and managing the sales process are keys to exceeding objectives and performance.


What’s more, sales managers often hear the directives “Get better!” and “Improve!” But without a strong set of parameters and expectations, where do you start?


For a sales manager to improve performance (and, subsequently, the results of the sales force and the sales organization), they require an understanding of the many individual components that comprise the role of sales manager. To improve, one needs to begin with a process and then work on skills associated with the individual components.


8 components for successful sales management


The following matrix outlines Rahal Consulting’s 8 Components of Sales Management. These establish the underpinnings of a sales management process and a road map to answering one of the toughest questions of all: “Where do I start if I want to get better?” These components will help sales managers take control and successfully manage the challenges they face:


1. Leadership – not to be confused with management

  • The organization takes on the personality of the leader, sets the culture of the business.
  • Establish culture – disciplined, ethics, values, etc.
  • Establish the strategic direction – set the course and commitment to achieve.
  • Establish expectations, parameters and standards of performance & excellence.

2. Sales management - not to be confused with leadership

  • Oversee the correct activity and related appropriate actions needed to improve day-to-day results.
  • Maintain high level of involvement.
  • Insure the right people are in the right place.
  • Be adaptive to change.

3. Sales development

  • Institute and practice sound territory and account management.
  • Profile and understand who the optimum client is and replicate the relationship and success.
  • Retain and grow existing clients.
  • Acquire new accounts
  • Fire unprofitable accounts.
  • Develop skills of individual salespeople.

4. Performance management

  • Establish and monitor sound performance metrics.
  • Improve productivity and performance.
  • Conduct consistent developmental activity with reps.

5. Channel management

  • Align & assign the right accounts with correct right people doing the right job.
  • Understand all potential revenue streams and engage each for maximum results.

6. Information management

  • Track, report and monitor performance using technology and all available data sources.
  • Streamline for operational efficiency.

7. Time management

  • Evaluate urgent vs. important activities.
  • Plan and prepare for effectiveness and efficiencies.
  • Set and communicate expectations.

8. Resource management

  • Insure support staff is aligned with objectives.
  • Engage appropriate technical resources.
  • Create materials consistent with objectives.
  • Identify and acquire needed additional resources.
  • Establish and monitor realistic budget.



Put the 8 components to work in your business. With Rahal Consulting, you’ll find the answers and skills you need to ramp up your sales management skills — and put in place ways to measure your success.

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This information presents a sampling of Rahal Consulting’s philosophy and approach toward sales and business development. With extensive and successful business experience accrued over numerous engagements across multiple industries, we are poised to help business leaders prepare for the future.


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