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New Market Development

It’s Time to Look Beyond Your Borders


Midwest businesses have weathered the economic storm better than most, thanks to fewer of the dramatic swings the recession has delivered elsewhere in the United States. Because of that, now is an optimum time for businesses to think “growth,” and consider how your company can leverage its assets in other markets.


It’s a concept we like to think of as “exporting domestically”—identifying business outside your current footprint and bringing your products and services to a new geographical audience.


Consider the Northeast U.S.


New England offers a prime opportunity to export domestically. According to the Boston Globe, Massachusetts is setting the standard for economic recovery, pulling out of recession ahead of most states. Analysts predict that the state will be adding new jobs this year, a strong indication that there’s money to be made in this increasingly stable market.

Make the Right Connections


Good business is all about building strong relationships. It’s one of the keys to any effective strategic growth initiative. And it’s crucial in tapping a new market—especially a thriving, densely populated area like New England.


But entering this market requires a dedicated focus on, and knowledge of, the market. And, today, too many companies simply can’t afford the time, travel and staff it takes to do the due diligence and cultivate relationships 1,500 miles from home. That’s not to mention tackling the issue of how to talk the unique language of a region that’s often considered cool and standoffish, compared to the Midwest.


That’s where we come in.


Your Bridge to the Northeast U.S.


Meet Joe Rahal, the founder and principal of Rahal Consulting, a Boston and Omaha sales and marketing consulting practice. He has more than 36 years of demonstrated success in marketing, sales, business development and general management.


Joe knows Nebraska business. For the past 13 years, he has consulted with Nebraska companies in a wide range of industries, including manufacturing, distribution, professional services and technology. He provides consulting for businesses of all sizes, helping clients build their operations while following an effective growth plan.


Joe knows New England business, too. That’s because he was born, raised and worked there (and even retains a not-so-subtle Boston accent). He returned to the Northeast in 2009. Since then, he’s focused on rekindling old business relationships and cultivating new connections.


One connection to two distinct markets


Having spent more than a dozen years living, working and cultivating relationships in Omaha, Joe understands and appreciates the viability and sophistication of businesses in the Midwest. His extensive knowledge equips him to be the consummate business liaison between the two markets and to cultivate business in New England on behalf of Nebraska businesses.


Joe's experience gives him a unique business development and marketing perspective. And that gives you a unique opportunity: to look into a new market by using a practical, cost-effective consulting presence on a project- or part-time basis.


Your liaison to new business


Whether you’re looking to see what the market offers or are ready to launch your business, Rahal Consulting is qualified to help you bring your strategy to life. For a fraction of what your company would invest in new market development, Joe can help you:



His strategy is proven: Rahal Consulting uses a customized process of initiating new contacts and relationships with targeted businesses and leaders. His knowledge and proximity to the Northeast minimizes the barriers to entry—saving you time, money and the effort of initiating sales in this desirable market.


If you’re ready to look beyond your borders for new business, we can help. Find out more about how Rahal Consulting can help you connect to New England.